What is the Portal?

what is the portal 2

What is the Portal?

A layman’s explanation

We admit this contraption looks like the ghost trap from Ghostbusters.  But, we take our Spirit Box quite seriously.  We are paranormal investigators by hobby only and our description is for laymen, not technicians.  We were able to successfully build one without understanding why it works none-the-less.

The Portal is a filter for our SB7 Spirit Box. The SB7 Spirit Box is just a hacked am/fm radio.  It uses rapid channel switching on radio frequencies to gather communication from the dead.  We believe energy can be manifested and you can speak to spirits through these devices.  We don’t know why it works, but it does.  The SB7 is the small black device wired into the whole thing by a green coiled cord.  The large center unit is a ZT Lunchbox Junior Amp.  The Amp magnifies sound.  On the left is a Decimator II Noise Reduction Amp Pedal.  It cleans up distortion.  On the right, is a T2 Effects Pedal.  It enhances sound.  The two on the sides are both guitar amp pedals.  We bought everything piece by piece on eBay or Amazon.

We had been watching this guy on YouTube.  His name is Steve Huff from Huff Paranormal.  He had tested this cool Steampunk looking ghost Box called George’s Box. Which we loved as much for the function as for the aesthetics.   We later watched George’s Box sell on eBay for thousands of dollars.   My husband, plays guitar and understood the mechanics of how they went together.   So we started studying how to put together our own.  Steve Huff published a YouTube Video later and explained how to make one from start to finish.  We already had the SB7.  But the time spent trying to remove the static from our recordings was excruciating.  So we, and many others have him to thank for his gift.  You can follow his complete instructions here:  Huff Paranormal.   Check out one of our first sessions here:  Dorothea Puente Spirit Box Sessions on Rue de la Mort.   Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss future updates.

For instructions on editing your sessions:  Editing Your Portal Spirit Box Sessions


Greg, Casey and Calla Saumure, investigate paranormal events in and around Northern California. We love to photograph, film, fly over (with our drone), and write about our experiences in ghost travel.  We focus on the history and restoration efforts of haunted locations.  We always open and close with prayer, ask for spirit permission and we never provoke.  Greg is the healer.  Casey is the clairvoyant.  Calla is the medium and artist.  Calla also draws the dead that she speaks with.   “We do this as a family, and we do it in light.”  You can reach Rue de la Mort at (916)759-7880 or E-mail us with questions ruedelamort@gmail.com.


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