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eric ackerman

Eric was my husband’s best friend. He was killed in a plane crash just shy of his 21st birthday. Today would have been his big 50th birthday. He was the first spirit I ever channeled. Fair disclosure, I was headfirst into the better part of a bottle of wine. Not my usual. We were making some tough decisions about whether or not to close our business. It was incredibly successful and it was killing us. We would spend evenings in an upstairs craft room. My husband building airplanes, and I’d be making jewelry. We’d put the radio on and back to back zone out.

I’ve come to recognize unfamiliar songs as a way for spirits to creep in to my consciousness. But this was the first. “Do you know the way to San Jose?…mumble mumble hum”. I was focused on what I was doing. Again, “I’ve been away so long…hum…”. It sounds like someone next to you humming in your ear. It wouldn’t go away. I don’t know how long it went on. The spirit started banging on the counter I was working on. “Write it down!” Finally, I set my things down and grabbed a piece of paper. I wrote “Do you know the way to San Jose?”

What he was wearing in detail, where he was sitting, what he was doing and where he was going the next day were all revealed to me over the next hour. I met Eric for the first time that night. I knew his laugh, his voice, his personality like he was in the room. What I described to my husband was the last night he was with his friend. They were singing the song together.

Happy Birthday Eric. Until we meet again.

Eric Ackerman

May 27, 1968 – May 9, 1989


Greg, Casey and Calla Saumure, investigate paranormal events in and around Northern California. We love to photograph, film, fly and write about our experiences in ghost travel.  We focus on the history and restoration efforts of haunted locations.  We always open and close with prayer, ask for spirit permission and we never provoke.  “We do this as a family, and we do it in light.”  You can reach Casey at (916)759-7880 or E-mail us with questions

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