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Mai VS Eva -The Existential Battle

Mai VS Eva -The Existential Battle OK this would be funny if it weren’t so true. Everybody knows about Mai. Mai is the ghost girl that lives in our house. … Continue reading

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TM Tran·scen·den·tal Med·i·ta·tion  noun  trademark a technique for detaching oneself from anxiety and promoting harmony and self-realization by meditation, repetition of a mantra, and other yogic practices, promulgated by an … Continue reading

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Prayer to Archangel Michael

Prayer to Archangel Michael We pay homage to one of my favorite angel movies in our title picture.  The Archangel Michael is much more ominous.  Call on Michael in emergencies. … Continue reading

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How to perform a Penny Dreadful séance

How to perform a Penny Dreadful Séance This is a playful post based upon one of my favorite Penny Dreadful episodes.  If you haven’t gorged on this hit series from Showtime, … Continue reading

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Second Sight

Second Sight My maternal Grandmother, Helen Louise Tweedy was from a long line of women with ‘Second Sight’.  The gift was not spoken of outside our immediately family.  Nor was … Continue reading

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The Book of the Dead

  The Book of the Dead I can’t remember when Calla drew her first dead person.  It’s neither a new nor an old event.  Calla has always drawn pictures, and … Continue reading

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The Ryde Hotel

The Ryde Hotel The Ryde Hotel is a family favorite.  We spent many summers when we were single, wandering the delta bars and beaches.  Later gathering our growing family for long … Continue reading

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Casket Plate Jewelry

Casket Plate Jewelry I have always loved Victorian Casket Plates.  The gentle curves, circling flowers and sentiment were fascinating to me.  I bid on several pieces before I found my … Continue reading

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Editing Your Portal Video

Editing Your Portal Video Instructions for editing your Portal video.  We use a $4.99 app we downloaded from the App Store called iMovie. It takes a little practice, but its’ a … Continue reading

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What is the Portal?

What is the Portal? A layman’s explanation We admit this contraption looks like the ghost trap from Ghostbusters.  But, we take our Spirit Box quite seriously.  We are paranormal investigators … Continue reading

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