Editing Your Portal Video

Editing Your Portal Video

Instructions for editing your Portal video.  We use a $4.99 app we downloaded from the App Store called iMovie. It takes a little practice, but its’ a great app.   We list our best advice below.  Enjoy!  To view our Spirit Box Sessions, check out our YouTube Channel:  Rue de la Mort on YouTube  Subscribe for updates!

  1. Film in small segments.  Then piece them together in iMovie.
  2. Film in quiet areas with controlled sound.  Portal sessions are not for groups.  It will be too hard later to distinguish between outside noise and box noise.   It’s harder to record outside.  Make reference on the video for yourself later, like “that was my daughter coughing”, or “that was a car driving by”.
  3. Edit your  video at full volume with headphones on.  You will miss 50% of what’s said without headphones.  I use the pair I got with my iPhone.
  4. Film short sessions with controlled questions.  You Tube Max upload for most  is 15 minutes.  Editing longer is tedious and frankly, people get bored.
  5. I’ve noticed YouTube speeds thing up at upload, so be careful.  Go slow.
  6. Within the app.  First screening, I pause (plus a moment) after I hear each spirit and isolate the audio by ‘split’ button.
  7. That enables me to use the text button to write what I hear them say.
    And increase the volume just for that segment.
  8. Every time you listen you will hear something different.
  9. I use a still photo on the beginning because that’s what ends up on the YouTube thumbnail.
  10. My voice is always too loud on sessions. I sometimes lower my volume.
  11. I am still training myself to shut up.  Spirits seem to take longer to answer than a normal conversation. Train yourself to pause extra long.
  12. If I get an unknown sound, I put in ??? If I have a lot of those I just delete them. You just can’t hear them all.
  13. Other than that I leave everything in sequential order.
  14. Keep your ghost box session short. Unless you are at a super cool location, 5-15 minutes.
  15. It takes me at least an hour for every five minutes of video time.
  16. At a certain point you have to put it away and come back to it. Your brain will start to fuzz out.
  17. I almost never hear what I think I hear during the video. I’ve noticed other people have the same issue.  You’ll hear us laugh and say what we think they said.  We are almost NEVER right.  This is funny to me.
  18. Also every time you come back to it you may hear something different. I liken it to listening to my seven-month-old grandson babble. He’s just learning to talk. Sometimes you’ll hear a word loud and clear but most of the time you’ll just hear pieces of things.
  19. Take Portal Sessions seriously.  It’s fun and enlightening, but it’s not a parlor game.  Talk to spirits like they are right in front of you. Introduce yourself.  Ask them their name.  Ask them how or when they died.  Ask them for messages.  Ask them questions.  The more specific information you have, the more confirmation you can do later.  Treat them with respect.  And thank them for their time.
  20. Don’t let bad stuff in your house.  Don’t edit or record sessions in your bedroom.  If you get a bad entity or something saying bad things or just get really bad feelings, end the session. Turn the box off.  Say a prayer of protection.  You’ll get all kinds of personalities coming through.  And you’ll get guides.  We notice the same ‘protectors’ coming through.  My husband has a saying “Stupid in life, stupid in death.”  It’s pretty much true whether living or dead.
  21. Don’t use your box when you’re tired, sick or depressed.  You need to be in a strong frame of mind.  Spirits can drain you, and they can jump right in. If you notice personality changes or obsessive behavior with participants, you should probably hide your box for a while.  Keep an eye on each other.
  22. If you have issues.  Don’t continue.  Put The Portal away for another day.  Salt and Sage your home.
  23. Don’t use your Portal with negative or inebriated people.  Trust me.
  24. We never provoke spirits ever.  We think it’s asking for trouble.
  25. Call on your guides for protection. Call on your angels to watch over you.  They will keep you safe.  Always ask for God’s protection.




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