Kinect Kristmas

Kinect Kristmas

I was super spoiled this Christmas and got the whole rig from my awesome family to build our Portable Kinect SLS Cam. This is a portable rig to take on our ghost hunts. It consists of a Windows tablet, a Microsoft Kinect Camera -V1, and a portable power supply. The Kinect Camera was originally created for the XBox One Gaming system. Because it was created for motion-based gaming, it has an ability to pick up and detect human figures. Ghost hunters can now detect and document spirits in real time.

My first experience interacting with this rig was on a ghost hunt at the Wilson-McConnell house in Columbia, CA. A group of investigators went on a private tour with a park ranger in tow. (More about that wild night later).  I stood in the front foyer of the home fully interacting with who we believe to be Mrs. McConnell. I held her hand. Let me repeat that.  I held a ghosts hand.  I was experiencing something I had seen on Ghost Adventures dozens of times. But, words are inadequate when you explain the feeling of cold electricity as you’re holding a spirits hand.

It was all caught on film – or so I thought. The investigator who filmed it lost the footage. Now anyone who knows us, knows we’re tech junkies. While technology can detract from spirit communication, it can also supplement it beautifully. This night was one of those nights. And it was all lost. We had to make our own rig.  I began assembling parts lists and watching videos.

So back to our story. The day after Christmas is always the most fun. No more cooking or driving or hosting. You can sit in your jammies all day, eat leftovers and play with your toys. I spent the day loading the software on the camera to get the Kinect to work. (Links below) The rig itself is still in pieces. I had just the tablet and the camera on our kitchen table. My gamer upstairs and I jostled for bandwidth all day. But trudging through, she was finally loaded.

As the software finishes loading onto the tablet my screen starts going ape-shit. Like someone is pressing all the buttons at the same time. I’ve checked thinking something must be sitting on the keyboard.  Then thought maybe I got a faulty unit? If you’ve ever experienced a Windows-based tablet vs an iPad there is a noticeable difference in touch responsiveness. I haven’t even gotten to the 3rd step which is the SCREEN RECORDER! I waited patiently and as soon as the frenzy began, it halted.

I barely hit the Kinect studio button and boom- we have two stick figures visiting us. One smaller figure who I believe is Mai. She appeared playing with the aircraft Greg just finished. Kind of petting the shiny new stickers just applied to the fuselage.  Something child-like, we have seen our Grandchildren do a hundred times.

Another stick figure appeared sitting on my shoulder pointing and laughing at the new ‘Mortuary’ sign I had just put up. We believe the second spirit to be Eric. My husband’s friend who died in a plane crash and is always with us. It’s hard to explain, but our spirits just have a ‘feel’.

We sat for a good 5 minutes and interacted with both. An eternity in ghost hunt time. Commonplace in the Saumure household. We’re going to do another session for New Years Eve. Maybe combine the Kinect SLS with an Ovilus. And yes, this time it will be on film.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss meeting our spirits.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Have a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Love from The Saumure’s.

Greg, Casey and Calla Saumure, investigate paranormal events all over the US. We love to photograph, film, fly over (with our drone), and write about our experiences in ghost travel.  We focus on the history and restoration efforts of haunted locations.  We always open and close with prayer, ask for spirit permission and we never provoke.  “We do this as a family, and we do it in light.”  You can reach Casey at

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