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Casey & Greg Saumure

Casey & Greg Saumure

Welcome to Rue de la Mort

We investigate paranormal events in and around Northern California. We love to photograph, film and write about our adventures in ghost travel.

Our team includes extended friends and family.  We have experienced paranormal investigators, mediums, clairvoyants, photographers, videographers, writers, technicians, even a professional drone pilot and an Irish-Catholic priest.  We welcome others who have an interest in haunted locations, and share information freely.

Our new Portal Spirit Box has generated a lot of interest from friends and family so we started talking about our sessions here.  The Portal was Steve Huff at Huff Paranormal‘s gift to the world.  It’s our favorite new toy.  Check out our spirit box sessions on YouTube.

We have always been fascinated with ghosts and graveyards. Shows like, Six Feet Under, Dexter and American Horror Story fed our interest in the afterlife.  A Ghost Adventures episode inspired us to get married in the Comstock Cemetery in Virginia City, NV.  We had our wedding photos taken in The Haunted Washoe Club and stayed to celebrate with the ghosts.  Read about our ghostly nuptials here on A Cemetery Wedding.

Rue de la Mort Jewelry is for lovers of skeletons, zombies, Ouija boards and circus freaks.  I create my creepy little things in poly clay, resin, leather and metal.  Using items like vacuum tubes and burnt out Christmas lights.  My materials are repurposed and recycled when possible.  My Casket Plates and Vacuum Tube Jewelry have been the most popular so far.  I’m still working on my page for that.

I created pieces for my first show at Comicon in Sacramento.  Collaborating with my mother, Joy Pickard of AJ’s Mad Hattery.

The teams adventures can be found here on our website, enjoy!  Check back often for updates.

We focus on the history and restoration efforts of our travel venues.  Visit our sister project, Preservation Ghost Hunts to see how we give back to the places we visit.    We always open and close with a prayer and ask spirits for their permission before entering a location.  We never provoke entities and team up with those who share our philosophies.  I like to tell people, we are more ‘Grandma’s Ghost’ than Demons and Devils.

You can E-mail us with questions  Our links are listed below.


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