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Ghost Travelers

The Ryde Hotel

The Ryde Hotel The Ryde Hotel is a family favorite.  We spent many summers when we were single, wandering the delta bars and beaches.  Later gathering our growing family for long … Continue reading

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The Portal

The Portal What is The Portal?  Think of an SB7 Spirit Box with a really good filter on it.  Some believe we can speak to the dead with the Portal. … Continue reading

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Editing Your Portal Video

Editing Your Portal Video Instructions for editing your Portal video.  We use a $4.99 app we downloaded from the App Store called iMovie. It takes a little practice, but its’ a … Continue reading

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What is the Portal?

What is the Portal? A layman’s explanation We admit this contraption looks like the ghost trap from Ghostbusters.  But, we take our Spirit Box quite seriously.  We are paranormal investigators … Continue reading

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