Mai our Spirit Friend



Mai our Spirit Friend

I don’t know quite how to explain Mai, except to say she’s been around for a very long time.  I’d like to say something less dramatic than we found her in a cemetery.  But that’s exactly what happened.  I would visit my Grandmother every year on her birthday.  You see, our family believes in the after-life.  Visiting our dearly departed at a graveyard may seem melodramatic.  And frankly, not necessary for people who see and speak with spirit. Special events have a certain ceremony to them.  A ritual, if you will.  And that’s just what we do.  We don’t see touching base with family who have passed as anything out of the ordinary.  We believe, that if you listen, and suspend disbelief, you will hear them.

My Grandmother died in February 2003.  7 months before my youngest daughter was born.  I married a man of course that had more than a passing interest in the paranormal.  We both believe that everyone has access to the other side.  Meditation and maturity help.  But other than natural proclivities to things like gardening or cooking, contact with spirits is simply a skill that takes practice.  Near death experiences will bring them to your side in living color very quickly.   But other than that, just practice.

So I went on my usual jaunt to the cemetery to leave flowers and balloons for Grandma.  Keep in mind, my little one is still 4 months short of her second birthday.  Yammering along in her sing song baby voice.  We get out, say hello to Grandma.  Pull a few weeds.  Leave water for the flowers.  And cop a squat on the cool green grass next to Grandma Helen.  Calla toodling around close by, looking at the pinwheels spinning in the wind that others have left on the children’s cemetery right next to us.  Nothing eventful happened.  I buckled her up in her car seat and we started on the road home.  Only this time, instead of chattering to me, she was talking to someone else.

We were probably 10 minutes into the drive before I realized this.  Doing the usual mother’s list in my head; provisions needed en route home, navigating traffic, tuning in the radio, plugging in my phone.  It dawned on me that Calla had been talking to someone the whole time.  Full on conversation.  At least as full-on as ‘almost two-year old’s’ get.  Including giggling at jokes I couldn’t hear.  And whispering about silly things.  I asked her who she was talking to?  She answered simply “Mai”.

So the review starts in my head.  Like any parent, I am mindful of shows I’m watching on TV, cuss words inadvertently flying out of my mouth in traffic, and the like.  I’m doing a fast rewind.  She’s under two.  We really hadn’t moved much past nursery rhymes and Sponge Bob yet.   I’m figuring it’s more imaginary friend than spirit.  Daydreams from children’s statues in the cemetery, with angel wings, pin-wheels and flowers.  Fairy dust fantasy.  We are extremely open-minded.  But my little one having a ‘spirit friend’?  Not excited about that.  We’re open-minded and supportive.  While not foisting our opinions on our little one.   An imaginary playmate, we thought.  Of course, every kid has one -right?  In her 12 years on this planet, her playmate never changed.  The conversations continued.  Maturing according to age. But she never swayed even once from her belief that Mai was as real as you and I.  And that’s where our opinion stayed.  Until we saw her.

I had heard her plenty.  Scampering up and down the hallway.  Turning lights on and off.  Playing with the water faucets until I asked her to stop.  It’s hard to explain, but no one has ever gotten a bad feeling from Mai.  She’s warm, child-like and mischievous.  Besides, I’m a busy mother.  I could just be really tired.

The first time I saw Mai was on film.  Calla and I were playing a game called ‘Headbands’.  I had been hearing noises all afternoon.  So I asked her, “Calla where is Mai?”.  She giggled, and said “She’s right next to me Mama, nodding to her right”.  I snapped a picture with my handy iPhone and captured her.


Now I have never really been a person to believe wholeheartedly in orbs.  But this image is pretty powerful.  Calla is not especially outspoken about her gifts.  If you know about them, you have probably been in our world for many years.

My husband saw her for the first time watching over Calla in her bed.  It was a little creepy.  He said she was watching her sleep.  I had seen her doing the exact same thing not a week earlier.  You stop, immediately back up to take another look in her room at night and Mai is gone.  We asked her to stop looking over Calla that way.  And she did.

We have years of stories now about Mai.  Even our friend and house-sitter has seen her on our stairwell.  On occasion, we catch glimpses of her peeking around corners.  She seems to protect and follow children.  My grown son and his lighthouse childhood sweetheart are both highly clairvoyant.  As is her mother, a long-time friend of mine.  Mai has followed them home and has shown herself to others in our tight little circle.  We have researched the cemetery she came from- to no avail.  We can’t find any record of her.  But she found us.

Our talented daughter sees and speaks to spirits every day.  And thinks nothing of it.  She is rather private about it.  And prefers not to speak of her gifts outside the home.  She is an artist and now draws the spirits that she sees.  Both in their living and in their death state.  She’ll hop into a room.  Hand me a drawing.  Explain this person has been “hanging out” and hop back out.  Like so many of her other drawings of Dragons, Wolves, and Little Ponies.  You never know what she’ll hand you.  When they share with her, she’ll give full names, dates, and manner of death.  We call it “The Book of The Dead”.  We’ve put a few on my Instagram.  But most are tucked away.  We Google what we know about them.  Sometimes finding exact matches and sometimes not.  More later about that.


Sacramento Paranormal Family Greg, Casey and Calla Saumure, along with their team of family and friends investigate paranormal events with their ghost hunting equipment including their Portal Spirit Box.  Their daughter Calla is a clairvoyant and draws dead people.  They always say, “We do this as a family, we do it for fun and always in light.”  They live and raise their family in North Natomas. You can reach them at (916)759-7880 or E-mail us with questions  Happy ghost hunting!

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