A Cemetery Wedding

Our Wedding Day Craig Marshall Photography, Virginia City, NV
Our Wedding Day
Craig Marshall Photography, Virginia City, NV

A Cemetery Wedding

I married the love of my life in a cemetery.  People asked, “Why would you get married in a graveyard?”  Thank Ghost Adventures for that.  But first, some background.  We kept putting off getting married.  As small business owners, we were ever-afraid of running out of cash.  One business, one child, several homes, and years later, we still hadn’t gotten it together.  The sudden and tragic death of my first husband, on his birthday no less, caused us to really stop and think.  His grieving betrothed of over 20 years couldn’t even collect his remains.  She was frozen out of the bank accounts and evicted from her home.  I couldn’t imagine anything more horrible than to grieve and be removed from everything you loved, and everything that reminded you of the person you loved.

My husband swore that would never happen to me.  We swiftly made plans to elope.  Reno is a popular quickie wedding destination.  Knowing my love of all things ghostly, he queued up an episode of Ghost Adventures at the Haunted Washoe Club in Virginia City, NV.  The wedding inspiration was born there.  Our wedding pictures were shot inside all 3 floors of the Haunted Washoe.  Our incredible photographer,  Craig Marshall used stop-motion photography to shoot our favorite ‘Ghost Dancing’ scene.

Yes, the same room, (the upstairs ballroom) where Ghost Adventures filmed a full-body apparition walking against the back wall.  Our ceremony was held in The Comstock Cemetery.  There were 4 weddings scheduled there that day.  So once again, we weren’t so odd after all.  Just a minister, a witness, a photographer, God, and us.  We missed our family.  But it was a beautiful, haunting, relaxing, and selfish day.  We did it quickly and without stress.  We did it exactly like we wanted.  Thank you John Bernet 1964-2013, for that one last word of advice.  And thank you Ghost Adventures for the venue.

There’s a poem on the Comstock Cemetery Wedding Page that sums it all up.

You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore.  You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days.  Ay, you shall be together, even in the silent memory of God.  But let there be spaces in your togetherness.  And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.  -Kahlil Gabran

Greg, Casey, and Calla Saumure investigate paranormal events all over the US.  We love to photograph, film, fly over (with our drone), and write about our experiences in ghost travel.  We focus on the history and restoration efforts of haunted locations.  We always open and close with prayer, ask for spirit permission and we never provoke.  “We do this as a family, and we do it in light.”  You can reach Rue de la Mort at (916)759-7880 or E-mail us with questions ruedelamort@gmail.com.


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