Second Sight

Second Sight

My maternal Grandmother, Helen Louise Tweedy was from a long line of women with ‘Second Sight’.  The gift was not spoken of outside our immediately family.  Nor was it considered anything that unusual.   My distant cousin, the writer Barry McCain has done extensive Genealogical and historical research into the Clairvoyant blood that runs through the Tweedy family line.

Barry remembers his Grandmother, Sarah Pearl Tweedy’s unusual gifts quite well.  Like my Grandmother’s, Sarah Tweedy was said to have “seen things and had experience that exist in a world that is not well understood by our sciences.”   Barry McCain is writing a book right now, about the Second Sight. He’s asked for any of our blood relatives to come forward to tell their story.  I believe he’s going to trace our Second Sight gift through DNA.   Stories had been hidden for hundreds of years for fear of religious persecution or public scorn.  Barry even uncovered a story of a Tweedy woman from the mid 1600’s accused of witchcraft.  She was tortured with bleeding needles and brought to trial, but did not survive her ordeal.  So the fear of being exposed was clearly real.  Barry is still researching the witch story, but you can read about Sarah Pearl Tweedy and order his new book here:

McCain’s Corner – The Second Sight Among The Scots Irish.

My Great-Grandmother 3 times removed was Rebecca Wright.  Rebecca was a daughter to the Wrights of Quaker descent whose brothers and fathers founded the Blue River Baptist Church and later The Free Will Baptist Church.    Oral history tells us Rebecca was Wabash Indian.  Believed to be secretly adopted by Tillman Wright and Phebe Sears, to avoid the Potawatomi Trail of Death.   And therein lies the dichotomy. Free Will Baptists were both known Native American sympathizers and devoutly religious.  So, you have a bloodline of Ulster Scot’s and Native American’s (there are many of them throughout my family), who’s proclivity toward psychic gifts and healing is both sought-after and secreted at the same time.  My own Ancestry DNA shows me to be 26% Native American, so I got the blood from both sides.

Rebecca’s daughter Dicy Wright Adkins was a natural healer and midwife.  Skills she learned from her Native-American mother.  Dicy gathered plants and barks with the neighboring Ottawa and Potawatomi tribes.  She would brew her ingredients into potions.  Using her teas and poultice’s to heal the sick.    She knew when babies were coming and when people were going to die.    Dicy also knew when bad weather was going to hit.  Predicting storms on sun-drenched days.  Her husband Joe, would pretend not to believe her.  But sent their border collie, to round the cattle anyway, just before the storms hit.

My Grandmother either hid it, ignored it or didn’t have it.  My mother could hold an object and tell you who had it, and how they felt.  Besides Psychometry, my mother has many other gifts she hides quite well.  But she always just ‘knew’ stuff.   I know things that are coming.  And I have full conversations with the dead that feel like they are sitting in the room with me.  When I began deep meditation again and pushed away my own negative voices, messages became more frequent and clearer.

My husband of both Algonquin Indian and Scottish descent, is an empath.  He can shake your hand for the first time and tell you exactly how the relationship will end.  He know peoples intentions and motivations like he has X-Ray vision.  He has never been wrong.  Some have hidden from him better than others, but masks are pulled away quickly for him.  He is also a healer.  I have had him put his hands on me and pull sickness away instantly, only to absorb it himself.  We’ve know many healers who have become ill or died from their gifts.

“Calla is just as likely to hand you a picture of

a Little Pony as of a dead person.  “

Our 12-year old daughter is a psychic medium.  A gift we neither encouraged nor denied.  We are cautious parents, like all others.  It’s our job to protect her.  We just stayed open and listened.  She is kind and sweet and loving and has spoken to spirits as long as she could talk.  She has a spirit friend Mai, that you can read about here:  Mai Our Spirit Friend.  Like my Grandmothers, she is quiet and unassuming about her gifts. Calla is just as likely to hand you a picture of a Little Pony as of a dead person.  Then flit off like it was nothing.  She speaks to and draws dead people.  Sometimes getting first and last names and date and manner of death.  Family and friends routinely call and ask her what’s going on in their home?  Sometimes she’ll know, sometimes not.  Sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes not.  Could it be faked?  Of course. But we’re not that kind of parents and she’s not that kind of kid.  We have gathered her pictures into a ‘Book of the Dead’.  More about that later.

My two older children both have clear psychic abilities.  Though one is just figuring it out.  The other has embraced it and found a life mate with the same uncanny abilities.   We always kept an open mind and asked for God’s guidance.  Then listened to their stories as my mother did mine.  We believe with practice you can hear the dead.  We also believe many people have the same gifts.  Stay open and stay in the light.

We entertain ourselves with our Spirit Box to confirm what we hear in our heads.  Check out our Rue de la Mort YouTube Channel to see video of real ghost box sessions.  Subscribe for updates.

Greg, Casey and Calla Saumure, investigate paranormal events in and around Northern California. We love to photograph, film, fly over (with our drone), and write about our experiences in ghost travel.  We focus on the history and restoration efforts of haunted locations.  We always open and close with prayer, ask for spirit permission and we never provoke.  “We do this as a family, and we do it in light.”  You can reach Casey at (916)759-7880 or E-mail us with questions

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